Business areas are self organisation groups providing a forum for exchange for companies with interest in a specific maritime field.


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Mr. Frederico Spranger (Lisnave Shipyard)

Mr. Costas kokkalas (Neorion/Elefsis)

Mr. Sieger Sakko (Scheepsbouw Nederland)

Through life maintenance of ships is crucial if ships are to be kept safe and environment friendly in operation. There is no such thing as a maintenance-free ship.

European yards provide this essential service to shipowners, with skilled people at their disposal to perform everything from routine maintenance through repair, equipment upgrades and refit to entire ship conversions. Ship repair yards in Europe number about 150 and provide work for about 125.000 people.

Offshore Renewable Energies

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CESA is actively involved in the improvement of technological fields for new products and new services for the offshore energy sector. Progress has been made regarding the technologies of harvesting energy from the oceans, such as wind, wave, tidal and thermal energy conversion.

However, the governments still have to subsidize them to bring their cost in line with the land based installations and conventional energy sources. The European shipyards have the experience needed to develop offshore power into a new source of energy capable of competing in the energy market in the near future. CESA actively promotes cooperation between the two sectors.